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Despite our incredible capacity to facilitate peace & comfort globally, there is still so much poverty, suffering, indifference, ignorance & hostility...  Expand a little of your mind space for the bigger world around us. Only together can we acchieve our one hope of  Peace, Love, Justice & Unity for all with One Love. 

All about Sublime Roo 

'I & I want to reach people... I & I want to reach out and strike a chord on a level with all people.
Life is all about the flight of the butterfly, it's all about the dance with duality...
Infinite peace, love and unity; the healing of nations; it can all be achieved & secured through the roots of the universe... the good vibrations and healing waves of sound - the cosmic language that binds us all; Music!' - Sublime Roo.

Sublime Roo; 'Produced' her 1st track at 15 years old for her GCSE submission; a move that wasn't the norm, and one that her classical tutors weren't sure about until it was fully polished and returned by the UK Examining Board with a Grade A attached to it.

At this point in time in 2002, the music industry was just starting to evolve into a brand new, fully-fledged digital era in its history; a little something Sublime Roo and her friends had cottoned onto and loved experimenting with:

See, 'The Recorded Music Industry 2002 and 2015 Digital Evolution in a Music Industry' (click on the unaffiliated link here if you want to know more about this): 


The Roots of Sublime Roo's Journey;
Sublime Roo trained under many highly respected musicians, for example, in the case of her piano teacher, dearly missed and forever present: Mrs Bell, by whom Sublime Roo had been gracefully accepted for lessons at the tender age of around 4 years old, to study Piano.

Her inspirational Primary School Teachers also played a large role in encouraging and nurturing her musicial obsession; playing an awesome rock concert at school for the children live every end of year and the odd gig in between...

Aside from these amazing muses, no-one nurtured this more in her than her loving family.

Despite Sublime Roo's shy nature, her Dad brought her out of herself by encouraging a less classical approach; playing Blues and Swing on the harmonica and encouraging Sublime Roo to play along on the piano at home. This helped bring out her 'natual flare' that so often gets lost in classical training of young musicians....
He also played other instruments and was a Disc Jockey in his youth with Sublime Roo's Mum as the lighting technician lady during the 70's - G'roo'vy...

Having been a DJ & radio host in the 70's, he was also familiar with nurturing artists, by playing their records and encouraging them to go for it.
So it's only fair to say that her artistic parents, who worked so hard to bring in money for music lessons, played the biggest role in drawing out and nurturing the musician from the shy girl...

A healthy dose of Pop, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Rock and many other genres also influenced her from her toddler years as her elder siblings would expose their likes and dislikes along the way. Too young to own her own music, they would often share it on long, family car journey's...
Her brother in particular was a massive raver in the 90's and would give her new music to explore endlessly. Albums of epic stuff - exposing her to some of her most loved, (at the time) underground artists and alternative sounds.

Sublime Roo found all of it captivating!

'Big up to my family for all the support over the years!' - Sublime Roo. 

Leading up to her 1st production, many complications including health and lack of necessary opportunities came, and as a result, threw Sublime Roo off her journey and passion for Music and out into the world of dead end careers and limited opportunities. 

Eventually, the inevitable occurred...

In 2014, having finally had enough of yet more soul-less jobs, after her last office job ended in tears.

Sublime Roo said enough is enough!

Music was just banging at the door! 

Clueless as to how to, 'get back in there' after over a decade of abandoning her life long passion, she decided to start exactly where she left off:
Theory exams.
Organising to have a piano put back in her house again.
Then came the technology - Apps, Laptop, DAW...
Singing with Friends again for the first time in decades...

The silent self-torture was over! 

The obsession and the passion and the resolve was all flooding back in...

In 2020 - Sublime Roo was officially born. 

Cantrol by Sublime Roo
'Cantrol...' by Sublime Roo/EFX


'Cantrol...' by Sublime Roo/EFX


'Cantrol...' by Sublime Roo/EFX



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Cantrol by Sublime Roo


Cantrol by Sublime Roo


Cantrol by Sublime Roo


Cantrol by Sublime Roo


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